Self-locking RF Cable Clamp For 3 Way 7/8 Inch Coaxial Cable

Item No.: CH-CC-SL-M-78SH3
Size: for 7/8"(27.5-28mm)coaxial cable
Material: SUS304 + PA

Product Details

Self-locking Cable Clamps

Self-locking fasteners are the optimal solution for an easy and quick fastening to various supports of: coaxial cables, wave guides and fiber optic cables. The cables are firmly secured, without danger of deformation, by calibrated saddles which hold them without crushing. 

Main features: 

- simple and strong structure-secured components
- selected high quality materials
- resistance to atmospheric factors(U.V. rays, salty air, a.s.o.)
- absolute safety for cables and installers
- easy and quick installation

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