Standard Grounding Kit For 1/4 In And 3/8 In Corrugated & Braided Coaxial Cable

Standard Grounding Kit For 1/4 In And 3/8 In Corrugated & Braided Coaxial Cable

Item No.:GKA-242948-0.6
Spec:For 1/4" and 3/8" corrugated & braided coaxial cable

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This grounding Kit are equal to Andrew (Commscope) 242948. It's used for lightning protection for coaxial cable, also for elliptical waveguide 240 and 380. Each kit include grounding copper strap, installation hardware, weatherproofing kit. Factory attached one-hole lug. Welcome to contact us, we can provide you free samples.


1Ground Kitφ7-φ14.5mm1 pcT2 copper
2Clamp Plate
1 pcStainless Steel
3Cross ScrewM4×82 pcsStainless Steel
4Rivet NutM42 pcsHPB68
5O-Ringφ42 pcsRubber
6LugM5 Two Holes1 pcT2 copper
7Grounding cable16mm21 pcT2&PVC
8Heat Shrink
2 pcsPVC
9LugM8 one Hole1 pcT2
10BoltM8*251 pcSUS304


Grounding for following indoor / outdoor cable; 

1, Telecom cable

2, Fiber cable

3,Coaxial cable

4, Feeder cable 

5, Hybrid cable

6, Corrugated cable

7, Smooth cable 

8, Braid cable

This grounding kit can be used for following cables:

1/4 in----Andrew (Commscope) ‘s FSJ 1-50, FSJ1RN 50, CNT300; Eupen’s 5042 Hiflex; RFS’s scf 14-50J, Leoni Rosenberger’s 1/4S; and RG 59,RG6,Belden 9248,LMR 300,ICN 48.

3/8 in----Andrew LDF2-50,CNT400, Times' LMR400, ...

Existing Spec.


Clip-on Grounding Kit

Available Size: 1/2",7/8",1-1/4",1-5/8" coaxial cable, or customized.

Framework grounding kit for 1-2 in cable.jpg

Framework Grounding Kit

Available Size: 1/4",3/8", 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4", 1-5/8 coaxial cable, or customized.


Bolt-on Grounding Kit

Available Size: LMR600, LMR400, CNT400,RG213,7D-FB,3/8",5D-FB, 5/8", 7/8" or customized.


Standard Grounding Kit

 (Equal Andrew 242948)

Available Size: 1/4" and 3/8" coaxial cable.


Small Universal Grounding   Kit (Equal Commscope GK-SUNV)

Available Size: 1/4" through 5/8" coaxial cable.

Universal Grounding Kit.jpg

Universal Grounding Kit

Available Size: 7.0mm-14.5mm coaxial cable.


Spring Type Framework Grounding Kit

Available Size:3/8", 1/2", 7/8", 1-1/4", 1-5/8 coaxial cable, or customized


Midsize Universal Grounding Kit

Copper Strap Length: 0.5m

OEM available.
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