Strain Relief Grips

Strain Relief Grips

Item No.:SRG-XXX
Material:Stainless Steel

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Product Details

Strain Relief Grips-Fitting type/ I type

Strain Relief Grips are designed to prevent tension from being transmitted to joints and terminals on electrical cord, cable and conduit. In most applications, a grip for strain relief is stronger than the cable itself and gives much greater security than the use of a fitting alone. Grips for strain relief help make electrical systems safer, and save money by minimizing downtime from costly electrical failure due to cable pull-out.

Application :

Outdoors or indoors where subjected to moisture or splash. Examples are crane and hoist pendant drop stations, hand tools, pumps and processing equipment.

Features :

Aluminum fittings, stainless steel mesh, neoprene oil-and watertight bushing.

Double-single weave.

1.Grip Type :Fitting type

Deluxe Cord ,Aluminum Fitting/ Stainless Steel Grip

2.Grip Type :I type grips provide additional strain-relief for plugs and connectors used on portable equipment in commercial and institutional applications, and industrial plant and construction site areas which incur abnormally high abuse. Grips are made of galvanized steel. I-type grips are easy to attach, will control cable-arc-of bend, and provide heavy duty strain relief. These grips are

recommended for indoor use only.


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