Support Grips

Support Grips

Item No.:SG-XX
Material:Stainless Steel / Galvanized Steel

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Product Details

Support Grips are used to hold the weight of electrical cable as it hangs in a vertical, sloping or horizontal position.

Electrical cable must be supported, or its dead weight can cause excessive strain or pullout at the connections resulting in power failure. Support grips also absorb additional strain from flexure, vibration, expansion and contraction. Support cable socks are made of galvanized steel Stainless steel, other material are available on request.

Select the Correct Support cable sock :

Step 1 Determine the grip style best suited for your application.

Step 2 Determine your cable outside diameter.

Step 3 Find the grip size that encompasses your cable diameter.

Step 4 Whenever possible, use a closed mesh that assembles over the cable end. If the cable end is not available, use a split mesh.

Step 5 Where available, select an eye style that suits your needs.

Step 6 Select the proper material.

Step 7 Estimate the tension to be put on the grip, establish the working load you require and compare this to the listed approximate breaking strength of the grip to insure that the grip will be strong enough.

Selectable lift eye: single eye / double eye , offset eye

Selectable weave: single weave / double weave / triple weave.

Selectable material: stainless steel / galvanized

Selectable duty : light duty / junior duty / heavy duty

Selectable Install Way : lace up / pre-laced / rod closing


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