RF lightning protector for TNC connector - Up To 3G

RF lightning protector for TNC connector - Up To 3G Male to female

Product Details

TNC male to TNC female RF Lightning arrester

-TNC male to TNC female connectors

-Protect your antenna and device from dangerous electrical surges

HDG TELECOM introduces the SA-TMF-1 series of DC pass RF lightning and surge protection products with an extended frequency operating band from DC to 3000MHz.

The SA-TMF-1 series is the perfect RF equipment protection solution for most application requiring DC voltage and current to power tower top mounted electronics.The SA-TMF-1 series is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor installations and teh special plated ensures durability and long life.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range:DC-3G

Input Impedance:50Ω

VSWR: <1.5:1 DC-3G
Insertion Loss: <0.48dB DC-3G
Maximum impluse discharge current:20KA(8/20 μ s)


Construction: Ni plated ,silver plated conductors

Connector: TNC Male to TNC Female

Temperature: -55 to +85ºC

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