38 Tapped Hole Tower Standoff Adapter For Round Member

38 Tapped Hole Tower Standoff Adapter For Round Member

Item No.: CH-AA-SO-38
Mount to: butterfly hanger, round member adapters or hose clamp
Material: 304 stainless steel

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Product Details

Stand-off Adapter Kit provides a versatile means to enable hangers to be mounted to the Round Member of a structure. The standard design for the Stand-off Kit has a threaded hole to accommodate a 3/8" bolt or threaded rod, ensuring effective installation for any cable system. They are supplied with screws and lock washers. Stainless Steel Round Member Clip also included (except CH-AA-SO-38).

Application Guide


Features & Spec

Size: 3/8" or 10mm tapped hole

Design: Adapters hangers to round members

Feature: Provides 2" (50.8mm) stand-off

Mounts to: Versions for 1" to 6" (25.4mm to 152.4mm) OD

Material: Stainless steel

CommScope Code: 294561

Full Size of This Items.

Part Number                          Description                                                 

CH-AA-SO-38                          Universal Stand-off adapter                                 

CH-AA-SO-38-HK                       Universal Stand-off adapter, includes hardware kits          

CH-AA-SO-38-RMA                      Universal Stand-off adapter, includes hardware kits and round                                      member adapter            

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