Universal Weatherproofing Kit For Connectors And Antennas

Item No.: WK-WT-221213-1.5
Application: Cell tower weather proof
Size/Spc: Detail as below

Product Details


Universal weatherproofing kit provides an additional moisture seal for antenna cable connections in celll tower area, it is applied using a multi-layer wrapping procedure to create a long-term environmental seal for main feed, jumper, and antenna connections. Weatherproofing kit also prevents loosening of connectors from vibration or other external stresses which would eventually allow moisture penetration.  The kit can be used for one or more connections depending on the configuration and cable type. Standard weatherproofing tapes both butyl and PVC electrical tapes, are applied to the following:

·          Main feeder cable-to-jumper cable connection

·          Jumper cable-to-antenna connection.

The weather proofing set include detail as below:

Item No.



Include Detail

Six rolls of 2-1/2"mastic tape (0.6m*63.5mm*1.5mm)

Six rolls of 2-1/2" mastic tape (0.6m*63.5mm*3.1mm)

Two rolls of 3/4" PVC tape (20m*19mm*0.19mm)

Two rolls of 3/4" PVC tape (20m*19mm*0.19mm)

One roll of 2" PVC tape (6.1m*50mm*0.19mm)

One roll of 2" PVC tape (6.1m*50mm*0.19mm)

Application of weatherproofing kit:


Substitute and Replacement:

For your reference, this weather proofing set, can be a substitute for Andrew 221213 and Sitepro1 WPK 6, Or also can be replace the TESSCO WK-U.

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