Vinyl Mastic Tape, rubber mastic tape, VM tape

Item No.:WT-CPT-VM
Material: Vinyl tape + Mastic Tape
Regular size:38mmX0.635mmX6m

Product Details

Sealing and insulating tape.jpg


Vinyl mastic tape is a self-fusing mastic compound with a premium vinyl backing, which provides excellent electrical properties, superior adhesion, moisture and chemical resistance. Use for insulating overhead and direct buried low voltage connections, motor lead connections, cable and conduit repair. Easy to apply.




·          For insulating overhead and direct buried low voltage connections, motor lead connections and cable

·          For splicing and sealing applications in CATV and electrical industries

·          For conduct repair



·          1-1/2” x .025” x 20’ / 38mm x 0,635mm x 6m

·          Consult us for other sizes


Typical Value

Test Method/Reference

Adhesion Strength ( to steel plate)


ASTM D 1000-10

Adhesion Strength ( to PE plate)


ASTM D 1000-10

Water Absorption


ASTM D 570—98(2010)

Dielectric Strength

18.6 kV/mm

ASTM D 1000-10

Insulation Resistance

1.7x1013 Ω

ASTM D 1000-10

*Data in table represent average of test results and are not to be used for specification purposes.                                                             *The product user should make their own tests to determine the product’s suitability for their intended use.


The WT-CPT-VM has a 2 year shelf-life (from date of manufacture when stored under the following recommended storage conditions) Store behind present stock in a clean dry place at a temperature of 0 to 40℃. Good stock rotation is recommended.

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